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Friday, 29 May 2015

Ways to Monetize your Blogs for the High Traffic


Google AdSense

Google AdSense is always the starting point of many people looking to start out as the best earning blog. You have to follow the rules given by Google in order to be approved and earn from the platform. With continued creation of content, it is easy to earn more money from the platform. Some people are making a living by just blogging and earning from AdSense. 

List building 

Most people think that it is always hard to make money through email marketing. The important thing to note is that email marketing has been around for long and still remains relevant for most people. Use the common email list building tools to ensure that people love what you have to offer.

Selling Advertising space

Many people have a lot of advertising spacing on their blog and they seem to not use it well in order to earn money. The advertising space especially on the sidebars can help you to earn more money on your blog. Take the time to choose the best companies that can offer you the best rates. You are in control of the space and can decide to bring down the ads if the client is not paying for the services. This is how many bloggers are making most of their money. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that many people love to do in order to earn quite some money from their websites. It is important to pick the best products that can actually make you money rather than wasting more of your time on products people do not buy. Take the time to research about the evergreen products that people often buy online. Ensure that the products have standard rates to make it easy for different people to buy the products. There should not be any problem when it comes to selling the products if they are genuine.  

Selling products and services

Selling the products and services is an easy way of earning from your high traffic. Try to come up with some unique ways on how to offer such services. There are many people who are earning a lot of money from their efforts by providing new services. Check to see what is lacking in the industry and offer it to the people. You can create eBooks and sell to people through your blog. There are so many services that you can do a simple research on the web.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Why AdSense Web traffic is helpful with a Mobile Friendly Website


Google just rolled out a new algorithm that is aimed at ensuring that the mobile friendly sites get the best ranks on SERPs. Ensuring that your website is ready for this new algorithm is very important. After a few weeks of the release, you will see how the changes will affect most websites on mobile devices. 

Some people would come out to say their websites are already mobile friendly. The use of responsive design alone will not make your website to become mobile friendly. There are a number of tools that should help you determine the extent of the website when it comes to mobile friendliness. A simple Google Search should give you important tools to use. In order to learn more about the mobile issues affecting your website, consider using the webmaster tools account. It will give you the mobile usability report. 

From the mobile usability report, it is easy to come up with ways on how to improve the website interaction. You will see for how long people are staying on the website to check out any content posted. If it is the content having issues, you can know what to post in order to keep people staying on the webpages for a longer time. 

How do I make my site mobile friendly?

After going through the first part of this post, any blogger would want to know how to make their websites mobile friendly. If you are new to web design and blogging, it might call for you to call in the services of a professional developer to help. Other than that, there are a number of sites that exist today, which can guide you when it comes to preparing the website to become mobile friendly. 

Some would argue that their websites are already mobile friendly, so what should they do? If you are planning to earn more from your website through AdSense, improving the website never stops. You have to find ways to promote the blog to greater heights than where it is at the moment. Learn how to change with the new search engine demands in order to remain at the top. Even those top blogs always get affected when there is a new change in the search engines algorithms. 

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